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Are Gutter Guards Really Important?

Are Gutter Guards Really Important?

Gutters are a very essential unit of the roofing structure for your house. If there are no gutters, then the roofs may not be able to effectively direct the rainwater to a safe location. As a result, it may lead to problems such as roof leakage, deterioration of the building, and also foundation erosion.

However, debris and fragments may block the channels of your gutters after a storm. An effective option to prevent this hazard in your system is to attach gutter guards. During your gutter installation project, you can install these guards because they can protect the gutter and maintain its performance.

It has been said that if there are gutter guards, you do not need to clean the gutters very often. With the proper installation of a guard, your effort for gutter maintenance gets reduced. You may realize this fact during the autumn and winter months because more leaves fall from trees. However, you have to know the specific gutter guard which is suitable for your own house. Following is a list of the major types of gutter guards:

  • Mesh– This is one of the more popular gutter protection systems used by many people. It looks like a sheet with many holes. Small-sized holes seem to work better in comparison to the larger ones. These holes filter the trash and allow water to pass through your gutter system.
  • Nylon– Mainly used in northern states, this gutter guard is better for preventing the accumulation of ice and snow. You may attach it to the gutter very easily, and there is no need of securing it to your roofing shingles.
  • Foam– This is also another option for protecting your gutters. It is made of plastic, which can be connected to your gutter directly. It also works well because it may obstruct any debris.

Do the Guards Solve all Problems?

In most cases, each model of the gutter guards are set up by screwing them to the gutters.  However, with the permanence of these systems, it may become more difficult to do gutter repair when there are any leaks. In addition, a lot of time is needed for removing these guards when preparing for gutter cleaning. However, the gutter guards are essential for Seamless Gutters or any traditional guttering system to eliminate the buildup of debris.


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