Gutter Professionals Apprentice

Posted 4 years ago

On a typical day as a Gutter Professionals Apprentice you should expect to:

  • Report @ 7 am each day for your job assignment
  • Be comfortable working from ladders, scaffolding and roof eaves
  • Be comfortable working at averages of 10’ to 40’ heights
  • Be sharply focused and prepared to follow instructions
  • Be committed to learning each day while honing your craft at gutter installation
  • Be on your feet 8-10 hours each workday
  • Expect overnight travel on up to 25% of job assignments
  • Be dedicated to becoming a highly skilled GPI Gutter Installer
  • Work alongside other GPI team members who are dedicated to customer serviceand building the GPI brand


Rain Gutter Installation is a specialty trade that requires the patience and skill of an artisan

craftsman. Rain gutters must be carefully designed, color-coded, and installed to blend with

building architecture while serving the critical purpose of collecting and redirecting rainwater

away from the structure.

The fundamental purpose of a high-quality rain gutter system is to:

  • Organize and contain water discharge
  • Prevent moisture intrusion within the structure and foundation
  • Protect landscaping beds and turf from excessive moisture and mildew growth
  • Create a more comfortable living environment

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