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Benefits of Copper Gutter Systems

What Are The Benefits of Copper Gutter Systems?

Gutter systems are made from a variety of materials, including vinyl, galvanized steel, aluminum and copper. As with most products, you get what you pay for. Some gutters are inexpensive because of the material they are made from, but they will require replacement sooner. The most expensive gutters are made from copper. The expense may very well be worth it.  Why install the most expensive material?

Copper Gutter Systems Have Some Real Advantages.

First, they are extremely durable. Vinyl gutters typically last from ten to twenty years, but copper gutters can last a century. Copper does not rust, unlike steel, and rust can over time cause weak spots in gutters.

Copper gutter systems require less maintenance than other materials. Copper gutters do need cleaning, but are much less likely than other materials to sag or dent. As with all gutter systems, copper gutters need periodic inspection, but fewer problems will be found. A particularly important feature of copper that other gutter materials do not possess is that copper does not expand or contract with temperature, so no expansion joints are required. Expansion joints are potential weak spots in a gutter system, because over time they can deteriorate, leading to leakage and other problems.

Over a period of years, copper develops what is called a patina, greenish in color, which is widely considered to be visually attractive. The patina protects the copper, and it blends well with many home styles. Copper gutters add to the curb appeal of a residence, enhancing its value. Copper helps a residence stand out in the neighborhood, and adds an elegant touch to the overall look of the property.

Copper gutters have real advantages, but installation is not a do it yourself project. Copper gutter systems should be professionally installed. Maintenance should also be done by professionals. Request a FREE quote today!


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