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Did You Know A Clogged Gutter Can Cause A Roof Leak?

Did You Know a Clogged Gutter can Cause a Roof Leak?

Although water is essential for our health and wellbeing, it is our home’s worst enemy. Water damage is a huge problem faced by many homeowners. Gutters are vital to protecting your home from the damage that water is capable of. Many homeowners don’t think about their gutters and how important their job is though. Gutters are normally out of sight, out of mind because the annoyance and damage that clogged gutters can cause aren’t immediate like a burnt out light bulb or a leaking sink.

Homeowners expect gutters to just do their job. That isn’t good though. Gutters need to maintain a free flow for the water which means they need to be cleaned. If gutters are clogged due to a lack of maintenance/ cleaning, there are many things that can cause water related deprivation to the home. One of these deprivations is a leaky roof and essentially a damaged interior.

Leaking gutters lead to leaky roofs:

When gutters cannot drain water properly, water has nowhere to go and builds up within the gutter. Water backing up in your gutter from excess debris can easily overflow and get up under the roof’s shingles causing the edge of your roof’s surface and the underlying materials (normally a wood sheeting) to soak in the sitting, trapped water.  Here, it accumulates. The water then has plenty of time to soak through the different areas of your home, including your roof/ ceiling.

The water that slowly seeps into the home, although it may go unnoticed for some time, causes rot and mold damage to a multitude of areas both within the home and in the exterior. Water that drips into your home has the ability to ruin paint, furniture, appliances, and possibly cause electrical problems at minimum. The wood sheeting rot eventually leads to weakness in the roof. This weakness can cause the It can also cause larger damage such as a caved in roof. It can even lead to a danger zone for anyone that climbs on top of it.

Gutter maintenance is so important to keeping your gutters functioning properly. Contact the experts today from Gutter Professionals, Inc. for more information about gutter installation on your home.


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