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DIY Gutter Safety

DIY Gutter Safety

Not only is repairing and/or cleaning your gutters a dangerous task, but there are also many possible mistakes that can cost you more money in the long run. With that, we have compiled a “Do it Yourself” Gutter Safety Guide.

Steps to Follow

Step 1: Assess the Weather
If the weather is anything but sunny and calm, you may not want to be climbing up a latter. A wet roof results in a very slippery surface! Wind blows things over. Whether you are wanting to assess damage immediately after a big storm or trying to clean gutters for the next rain storm, wait until the weather has calmed down and everything is dry!

Step 2: Think About Ladder Safety
To begin, ensure that your ladder is on even ground, and if it is a step ladder, that the two hinged metal braces are straight and LOCKED. Next, ensure you let someone nearby know that you will be working on a ladder to reduce the risk of being unattended in the event of an injury.

When leaning a ladder against the wall to access your roof, ensure that you lean it up against something other than the gutters or that you protect the gutters from the ends of the ladder via cloth. Also, ensure you are using a step ladder for a one-story home or an extension ladder for a two-story home.

Ladder manufacturers – and emergency room doctors – advise that you never stand above the third highest step. Always climb up the front of the ladder (where the thicker horizontal metal steps are), never the back side. Only allow one person on a ladder at a time – unless it is specially engineered as a two-person stepladder. And never lean a closed stepladder up against a wall and climb it. Stepladders aren’t meant for this kind of use and can easily fall back on you. Oh, and don’t forget to remove all tools from the ladder before moving it… unless you want a bruised head.

Step 3: Protect Your Hands
When cleaning and/or repairing gutters, you may come across many sharp debris or other hazards. In order to protect your hand, use a thick suede glove that is very durable and flexible. Rubber and cotton gloves aren’t the best option as they are too thin for moisture and sharp debris.

Step 4: Guard Your Eyes
Because there may be nests and animals/ insects tucked into the debris of your gutters, it is smart to wear protective goggles. This will avoid any unwanted items from getting into your eyes.

Other Preventative/Safety Step
Wear shoes with rubber grips on the bottom to reduce the chance of slipping. Wear a harness if possible as an extra precaution (so you don’t fall off the roof). Protect your head with a hard hat when you are high up. Ensure whatever hose you are using to spray out your gutters does not get wrapped around the ladder.

If you are still nervous about working on your gutters yourself or just don’t want to deal with the hassle of it, call your local experts at Gutter Professionals, Inc.


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