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What is a Downspout Drainage Pop-up Emitter

What is a Downspout Drainage Pop-up Emitter? Do I Need One?

One of the main reasons for installing rain gutters is to protect the foundation of your home. But is it enough? Well, that depends.

Damage to the Structure of your Home

In most cases, installing gutters is sufficient as long as the ground is graded properly and the water flows downhill and away from the property.  A splash block under the downspout or a properly installed 3 foot extension usually does the trick.

However, there are situations where the ground is not properly graded. This results in water being collected at the foundation and eventually undermining the concrete slab. The integrity of the structure will become jeopardized which leads to settlement cracks, leaks in the building and serious structural issues.

Downspout Pop-up Emitters

Installing downspout pop-up emitters will solve the problem. Downspout pop-up emitters have a black adapter that hooks up to the end of the downspout pipe and ties into a 4 inch solid corrugated flexible pipe. You want the pipe to be buried a min of 15 feet away from the property to assure the system works properly without backing up. At the end of the pipe there is a green pop up emitter that runs flush with the ground (Yes you can mow over it). The force of the water will build up and water will disperse out of the pop-up emitter. This system will keep your foundation dry and safe from any expensive mishaps by dispersing the roof water in a safe location.


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