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Why It Is Important To Make Sure Your Downspout Is Draining Away From Your Home

Why it is Important to Make Sure Your Downspout is Draining Away From Your Home?

Downspout by definition is a pipe that carries rainwater from a roof to a drain or to ground level. These sit at the end of a gutter and jut out, away from the house. They help carry all of the water that was collected in the gutter down to a safe distance away from your home, whether the spout lands in a drainage system or sloping rocks. Downspouts are incredibly important factors in maintaining your home and ensuring that your gutter system is working properly. They protect the critical parts of your home as without them, the water that is funneled through a gutter would come out right next to your home’s foundation. Damage would also occur if the downspouts aren’t faced away from your home.

This could cause costly, unhealthy damage. The destruction would be due to water pooling in unwanted areas. Your landscape could drown. Water could enter your basement with the possibility of a flood. The excess water could damage your foundation. It could cause mold or harbor extra disease carrying insects, which is a health issues to your family. There is a possibility of paint and siding damage or harm to wood – which can lead to rot. Lastly, an incorrectly placed downspout could crack the concrete that makes up your sidewalk and driveway.

All in all, be sure that your downspout is faced away from your home. Ensure that the downspouts are correctly attached and that they are far enough away from your house to ensure no costly repairs are needed.

Downspouts are a huge help to your gutter system! Make sure they are working with you and not against your home causing damage. Contact the experts today from Gutter Professionals, Inc. for more information about gutter installation on your home.


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