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When Installing Gutters, What Should You Taking Into Consideration When Choosing The Color?

When Installing Gutters, What Should you Take into Consideration When Choosing the Color?

Gutters play an important role in the preservation of your home, but they also either add to or take away from the curb appeal and aesthetics of your home. It is crucial to the appearance of your home that the gutters you choose flow with your home’s “vibe”.

Are your gutters visible?

Some gutters can’t even be seen from the curb and in that case, the gutter color may not be such a concern. This is equally true to the gutters that are in the back of your house. How many people actually stand in your back yard and see those parts of the gutter?

What materials are the gutters made out of? 

Some gutter materials are not meant to be colored or painted. Copper gutters for example already have a classic style.

Do you live in an HOA with restrictions?

Be sure that you check out the rules in your city, county, and/or homeowner’s association to be sure about their specific guidelines of the home’s exterior colors.

What color is your roof?

As your roof makes up a large portion of your home, you can base your color selection off of that. If you paint the gutters a color to match your roof, you can easily hide/ blend them into your home’s aesthetic. If the roof is shingled, a good rule of thumb is dark bronze, gray or black to help the colors blend together. If you chose a lighter color for your gutters, it helps give your roof a trim that outlines the home’s architecture.

What color is your home’s exterior?

The exterior of the home also needs to be taken into consideration. You wouldn’t want a green trim with a blue house… If you don’t want the gutters to match the walls outright, the two colors should definitely complement each other.

What color is the home’s trim?

Another way to outline the beautiful architecture of your home is to match the window and door trim with the gutters.


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