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Does Gutter Maintenance Change Due To The Time Of Year?

Does Gutter Maintenance Change Due To The Time Of Year?

Many say that you should clean your gutter twice a year. There is some truth behind this as you want to ensure you do a deep cleaning of your gutter AT LEAST twice a year. The other factors will be based upon the climate that you live in and the time of the year. Different times of year/ seasons and the type of precipitation for your climate during those times of the year play a huge role.

You may be thinking – I live in a dry climate when we rarely ever see rain or snow and it is the dead of summer (where there isn’t really a great deal of precipitation, just heat); therefore, I don’t need to do anything to maintain my gutters. You couldn’t be more wrong.

A dry spell is actually the perfect time to take care of your gutters. Why? Well during this time, the climate conditions may have encouraged the accumulation of dust and debris in the gutter. The debris can become incredible heavy upon build up causing the gutters themselves and the downspouts to break away from where they are anchored on the roof and wall of the home. This could cause more expensive damage than just cleaning the gutters in the first place.

Dust and debris can moisten by dew during the night. The small amount of moisture can cause acidic compounds to form from the substances that make up the debris within the gutter. These chemicals can then corrode the gutters and cause holes. These holes will then allow water to leak through the gutters (not disperse away from the home appropriately) when rain does come. The debris can also harbor creatures such as birds and insects. These forms of life may carry microorganisms that pose a threat to the health of you and your family. Wind can easily blow them into the home during the dry season.

Many areas have dry, cold winters, where others have super wet snows that come with this season. If your area gets a lot of snow during the winter, we would recommend that you prepare the gutters before winter hits, keep an eye on the gutters during the winter with heavy snow and ice to ensure that your gutters aren’t clogging or getting too heavy for their hangers, and clean the gutters out after winter.

Areas with wet springs or summers should also take precautionary measures and be prepared to maintain the gutters on their house more often than the areas that don’t get rain at those times.

Maintain your gutters accordingly throughout the year! The experts from Gutter Professionals, Inc. will exceed your expectations with everything related to your seamless gutters system. Give us a call today for a Free Quote on all gutter services!


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