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How Big Should Your Gutters Actually Be?

How Big Should your Gutters Actually Be?

Gutters are detrimental to the protection of your home. Proper gutter systems keep water away from vital parts of your home that could suffer from severe damage such as the roof, walls, foundation, landscaping, and interior. With that, no two buildings or gutter systems are exactly alike. So, even though when it comes to gutter sizes, 5 and 6 inches are the industry standards, architecture, geography, and other factors can affect the proper sizing.

Gutters that are 5-inch and 6-inch in size are able to handle the rainfall for most residential houses in many parts of the country. Bigger houses/buildings with steeper roofs that are located in areas with heavier downpours may need wider gutters to ensure that rainwater doesn’t overflow and damage your building.

Sizing the Gutters
For starters, you will need to measure/ calculate the square footage of the gutter’s drainage area. For a gable-end roof, the only two calculations that you will really need are for each slope. Hip and intersecting roofs that contain multiple facets will require more math as you’ll need to add up the area of each surface in the drainage area.

Next, you will need to measure the steepness of the roof-pitch and the rainfall intensity (maximum rainfall that could happen in a 5-minute period).

Lastly, multiply the drainage area by the roof-pitch factor and rainfall intensity to find out the adjusted square footage.

For more information and an estimate on what gutter size you need, call Gutter Professionals, Inc, it is more important than ever to ensure you choose a reputable company for a high quality gutter installation. The experts from Gutter Professionals, Inc. will exceed your expectations with everything related to your seamless gutters system. Give us a call today for a Free Quote on all gutter services!


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