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Gutters Aren’t One Size Fits All

Gutters Aren’t One Size Fits All

Without gutters, your home is in danger of water runoff. This water could be detrimental to the structure of your roof, walls, foundation, landscaping, and your basement. So whether you are looking to add gutters to your home or replace existing gutters, there are a few things you should know.

Gutters come in several shapes and sizes, known as profiles. Among the most common profiles are U, or semicircular, shapes and K configurations, where the front of the gutter resembles the letter K when viewed from the side.

K-style Gutters

The K-style gutters look like crown molding and are also referred to as “ogee” gutters. K-style gutters are by far the most popular in the US can exist in a multitude of materials. Residential gutters are normally available in either a 5 or 6 inch. The 5-inch K configured gutter includes a 2×3 inch downspout. A larger, 6-inch, K-style gutter comes with a 3×4 inch downspout. One single foot of a 5-inch, K-style gutter is able to accommodate 1.2 gallons of water, where the 6-inch can hold 2 liters.

Half-round Gutters

Half-round, or U shaped, gutters are just plain classic. They adorn historic architecture. Copper is a popular choice where half-round gutters are concerned, but the shape can also be found in aluminum. These gutters have a smaller trough, and therefore, smaller water capacity.

Box Gutters

When it comes to box gutters, or square gutters, these are another type of rain gutter similar to that of a K-gutter in regards to their deep, wide troughs; however, they lack the decorative contours of the K-style. Instead, they resemble ancient Greek and Roman cornices as they used to unobtrusively sit inside flat-roofed buildings. This is a great option if you aren’t looking for an exposed, visually pleasing gutter.

So how do you determine which gutters will be best for your home? Think about how much rain you get. Since we get a lot of rain in South Florida, a larger sized gutter would be best. In other areas of the country where they get a lot of snow and ice, a larger sized gutter will accumulate more, making the gutter too heavy, which will make it pull away from the house or sag.

For an expert review of your current rain gutters or to inquire more information about getting gutter installation at your home, contact your local gutter company at Gutter Professionals, Inc.


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