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Different Types of Home Gutter Systems

Different Types of Home Gutter Systems – Which One is Best for You?

Different Types of Home Gutter Systems

Rain gutters are an essential fixture of your home that also contributes to its good looks. Houses without rain gutters are more susceptible to fixture damage as well as yard erosion. This is because rainwater is not directed away from the house and the constant flow falls into your yard. When it comes to rain gutters, there are two common types of Home Gutter Systems: the Sectional or Traditional Home Gutter System and the Seamless Home Gutter System.

Sectional Home Gutter System

This refers to the gutter system wherein separate gutters are connected to each other by welding. Sectional gutters come in many different styles and materials, such as aluminum, copper, etc. Different styles include the k-style gutters, half round gutters, etc.


  • Cheaper: this home gutter system is a lot cheaper because it just requires buying ready-to-install gutters that you can install on your own.
  • Easier to Install: this home gutter system does not require a more complicated installation process.


  • Less Efficient in Reducing Leaks: the seams that mark where the gutters are connected are prone to contribute to more leaks.
  • Less Neat-Looking: the visible seams contribute to a not-so-neat and uneven look to your roof.

Seamless Home Gutter System

This refers to the more modern way of installing home gutters. Instead of connecting separate gutters, the seamless system only makes use of a single and continuous pre-formed gutter to install on the roof area. Seamless Gutters also come in materials like copper, steel, etc.


  • Efficiency in Leak Prevention: this home gutter system is more efficient in preventing leaks because it has no seam in the middle portion. The only seamed area you can find in this system is on the corners connecting to gutters on the other sides as well as the downspout connection.
  • Neater-Looking: the absence of seams makes this home gutter system look much neater and contributes to having a more uniform look for all the parts of your roof.


  • Costlier: this Home Gutter System requires the use of a gutter-forming machine and the service of roofing contractors which is an additional cost.
  • More Complex to Install without a Contractor: installation is lot more complicated because you still need to form the gutter using a machine before installing them and this cannot be done by yourself.

Choosing the Right Home Gutter System

Home Gutter Systems may come in two different types and choosing which one of them is best for your home is a bit confusing. However, determining your needs and your priorities can help you choose the right system to apply. Weighing the pros and cons of each Home Gutter System can also help you make the right decision more easily.



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