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How Do Gutters Actually Work?

Here is a quick snapshot on how gutters function:

You can take a risk when buying a new or used car but you shouldn’t risk it when it comes to hiring a professional gutter company. Most homes have partial gutters or don’t have a system that’s functioning the way it should be.  A gutter system installed the right way will include seamless gutters on every sloped roof edge. The gutters should never hold standing water nor should they ever leak. Structurally speaking, they should be fastened tightly against the fascia board and the downspouts should be secured to the exterior of the property. It’s also important that to ensure the downspouts are away from the foundation. The last thing you want is the integrity of the house to become jeopardized. As a good rule of thumb, a minimum of a three foot diversion is needed to complete the downspout process correctly. In many cases, a separate plastic pipe that’s usually flexible can be attached at the end of the elbow. It’s important to recognize that the concrete diversion blocks that are often seen under downspouts are not adequate for true water control.

Gutters Made Easy

We here at Gutter Professionals Inc. believe that installing and repairing gutters doesn’t have to be so complicated. It’s a very detailed and results driven business by all means but our goal is always to keep the process simple and easy for you. Understanding downspouts, specific hardware and how a gutter system is supposed to properly function is a large pill to swallow. Please keep in mind that our team is comprised our helpful experts that will always do their very best to create a top of line line experience for you.



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