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How Leaf Guards Improve the Functionality of Your Gutters

How Leaf Guards Improve the Functionality of Your Gutters

Whether you live in an area with a lot of leaves or not, leaf guards can be incredibly beneficial to the productivity of your gutters.

Debris of any kind (leaves, pine needles, ice, etc.) can leave your gutter clogged and dysfunctional as water needs a clear path to flow to its appropriate areas. Excess debris will slow that down or stop it all together. Leaf guards reduce the abundance of debris that gets into your gutter system. Here are some pros to using these guards to keep your gutters working as they are intended

Less Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters can be a cumbersome task. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Leaf guards make cleaning out the debris build up easier and less constant. The guards will keep the debris on top of the guard, flowing off the roof easily and not building up in the “bucket like” structure of your gutter. This means you won’t have to stick your hands in the muddled mess that piles up in your gutter, you won’t need to clean as often, and you won’t be putting your safety at risk.

Less Clogging

As leaf guards cause less clogging, the possibility of an overflowing or sagging gutter decreases. With that, the likeliness of water damage to your home and landscaping decreases drastically. This also means a drop in the amount of stagnant water and in turn disease carrying insects.

Rust Prevention

Some gutter materials are prone to rust. Those that are can easily begin rusting when water sits inside their trough.

Winter Security

In a colder climate, or one that sees ice and snow, leaf guards can ensure that your gutter systems won’t freeze and clog. Ice filled gutters cause cracks and fragile gutters. As leaf guards keep the frozen material about the gutter trough, you won’t have to worry about blockage.

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