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How the Quality of Gutter Hangers Can Affect the Lifespan of Your Gutters

How the Quality of Gutter Hangers Can Affect the Lifespan of Your Gutters

Gutter hangers are the hardware that more or less “hang” your gutters off of your home.

Their main purpose is to secure the gutters to the fascia. These hangers are just as important as the gutters themselves to the protection of your home because without proper installation and durability, your gutters will not properly do their job. So how does quality of gutter hangers play a roll in affecting the lifespan of your gutters?

For starters, gutters hold a great deal of heavy elements – rain, snow, sleet, etc. or leaves, pine needles, and other items that build up. This means that the hangers need to be able to hold the gutters in place, not matter what elements the climate brings. The more durable the hanger, the better it will hold up the gutters.

The hanger material needs to be made of the same material as the gutter being installed because if they aren’t, corrosion will result from the contact of two different metals when an electrolyte (like water) is present.

If you don’t have durable gutter hangers, the gutters may begin sagging or even pulling away from your home. This could be an easy fix with new hangers, or the gutters may need to be replaced. It is imperative that you find hangers that can hold up the weight of your gutters, and that you place the hangers at their recommended distance.

If you are considering rain gutters for the first time, it is more important than ever to ensure you choose a reputable company for a high quality gutter installation. The experts will explain the different types of gutter systems for your home and will help you decide on the best seamless gutters system. For the homeowners that already have rain gutters, you may need affordable gutter repairs or simply a gutter cleaning. Regardless, contact the local experts from Gutter Professionals, Inc. today for a Free Quote on all gutter services!


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