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How to Decide What Size Gutter to Install

How to Decide What Size Gutter to Install

Throughout the country, the most common type of gutter installation is a 5 inch seamless gutter. This gutter system works well for northern homes with an adequate amount of downspouts. The further north you travel, the steeper they build roof pitches for reasons relating to snowfall. A 5 inch gutter is effective with steep roof pitches due to the fact the water falls directly into the gutter.

Types of Gutters for Homes in South Florida

Here in South Florida, the most common choice for a gutter system is a 6 inch seamless gutter. 5 inch gutters may work fine on smaller shingle roof homes with adequate downspouts, but with the typical Florida home a 6 inch gutter is key especially with the torrential downpours we have here. We also have less pitch on our roofs which causes the water to shoot out at more of an angle. That extra inch in your gutter system makes a big difference in effectively controlling the flow of rainwater.

When to Choose 7 Inch Gutters

All tile and metal roofs should have a minimum size of 6 inch gutters. In some cases where the tile is set very high above the roof line, water will shoot out further. In this situation, a 7 inch gutter is needed. 7 inch gutters are also needed if the roof is HUGE. The larger the roof, the more that rainwater will cascade off and a bigger gutter will be needed for water holding capacity. Some properties have very few places to install a downspout due to the architectural design, and using 7 inch gutters will ensure your system can handle the water that flows off your roof. To make sure your gutter systems are the most effective, the bigger the gutter the better protected your property will be.


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