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How to Easily Improve the Look of Your Gutters

How to Easily Improve the Look of Your Gutters

Trying to improve your home’s curb appeal? Are those ugly gutters standing in the way? Well here are a few ways to spruce them up!


Add a fresh coat of paint. Gutters help create a unique architectural look for your home. Whether the paint matches the home’s siding or stands out like interior trim, a new coat of paint could go a long way!


Maybe your home is in need of new gutters all together? Gutters come in many materials and many colors. Find the one that would be most appropriate for your home’s needs and your tastes.


Cleaning out your gutters could be more than just for functionality. Your gutters may be dirty inside and out. Give them a good power wash! It could really brighten up their color.

Trellises and/or Clematis Vines

This is a very decorative way to hide the ugly downspouts from top to bottom. Trellises are designed to fit around vertical items. These will add to your curb appeal, landscape elements, and conceal every portion of the downspout. We recommend clematis vines to add to trellises as they are gorgeous flowering vines that are easy to maintain. They also don’t grow out of control, aren’t too heavy, nor are they invasive.


Maybe the unique architecture that your gutters emit are hard to see, especially when the sun isn’t right above them. Adding some light fixtures to really enhance those gutters could be a HUGE help. If the opposite is true and the gutters are standing out too much, find a way to help them blend more or create more shade so that the light enhancing them decreases.

Cleaning your gutters can be a fun and simple task. For more information about gutter cleaning at your home, contact the local experts at Gutter Professionals, Inc.


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