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How to Properly Inspect Your Gutters

Inspect Your Gutters for Potential Problems

A gutter system and an essential downspout are fitted along the edge of your roof in order to direct the rainwater away from your house. However, a damaged or blocked gutter system will be unable to perform its work in the best manner.

As a result, the beautiful structure of your house can also become dangerously affected. Mainly, where there are leaks in the present gutter system, the resultant overflow can harm the roof as well as some other areas of your home. Because of these risks, it is very important to inspect your gutters to avoid all the possible damages.

How to Begin Inspection of your Gutters

The first thing that you have to do for your gutter is to dig out all the debris, leaves and twigs. Remove these materials for gutter cleaning and then place them in some container that is fitted with your step ladder.

At the second stage, make use of a hose to flush out all the small stones and fragments from your gutter system. Since these small substances move easily with the flow of water, you will be able to observe the base and sides of your gutter system. This is the time when you are able to determine if there are any leaks. Always make certain that water is flowing smoothly through your gutter’s downspout.

If you have found that there are problems in free flow of water through your downspout, there may be debris within that needs to be loosened. With the help of a good hose, spray a strong stream of water directly into the downspout to remove any debris. When your spray or hose is not able to clean out the gutter’s downspout, attempt the cleaning with another alternative tool which is more effective.

Another thing to check out is the stagnant water in your gutters, or the water which is moving slowly. When water is not moving to the direction of your downspout, the angle of your gutter system is not proper. It is also important to inspect if there is any gap between the fascia of your roof and your gutter. Such a gap may allow the rainwater to trickle down your wall’s side.

So, these are some steps for checking out if your gutters have any damage or cracks. However, if you cannot do it or the task seems too difficult, it is best to contact your local gutter professionals. These trusted and reputable experts will accomplish any necessary gutter repair or new gutter installation service that you desire.


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