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Is It Better To Replace Or Repair My Gutters?

Is it Better to Replace or Repair my Gutters?

Do you make the costly repairs or bite the bullet and pay for something brand new? This is a common dilemma that many home owners face when it comes to their gutters. Many homeowners keep up on the maintenance cleaning of their gutters but sometimes notice that something isn’t right. So how do you determine whether the gutter is repairable or if you need a brand new system all together? Well, we have compiled a list to help you out!


  • If your gutters aren’t sagging (are straight) and don’t leak, they don’t need replacement.
  • If they do have a leak, it is almost guaranteed that the gutter can be repaired. Call your friends at Gutter Professionals Inc. so we can assess the damage for you.

Your Gutters can Most Likely be Repaired Instead of Replaced if…

  • Any gutter damage is localized to one or two sections. This means you can simply just replace those sections instead of ALL of your gutters.There are a few small holes or cracks. These can be cleaned and covered with quality sealant. If the hole or crack is bigger, it may need a piece of metal flashing before sealing it.
  • Only a single joint or seam is leaking. This may require some sealant or just some refastening of the gutter joints/ sections.
  • Some of the hangers are loose. As long as your gutter hasn’t begun sagging (bending), screwing in the hangers is the best bet. You can use preexisting holes or drill in some new ones.
  • If you have a copper gutter, replacement is incredibly expensive. So, if you have a few minor fixes needing to be made, it would be more beneficial to just make the repairs.

Rules of Thumb of Replacing Your Gutter

  • There is an excess of small repairs that need to be made. If your gutter has multiple cracks, holes, or rust spots, it would be beneficial to just replace the entire system.
  • Your hangers won’t stay screwed in. If you have tried refastening your hangers, but they keep popping out, you may have an issue with rotting or deteriorating fascia boards.
  • Sections that just won’t stay together. If there is a gap in your sections and you have tried re-securing them, it may be time to replace the gutters.
  • If your gutter is sagging or has an incorrect pitch, it may be impossible with a quick fix.
  • Water damage is evident. If your gutters aren’t clogged, but there is evidence that the water runoff has caused damage, you most likely need a whole new system.


Don’t replace if you can repair! Contact the experts today from Gutter Professionals, Inc. for more information about gutter installation on your home.


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