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When Installing Gutters To Your Home, Make Sure They Aren’t Too Shallow, Here’s Why

When Installing Gutters to Your Home, Make Sure They Aren’t too Shallow, Here’s Why

Gutters’ main purpose is to direct water away from critical areas of your home such as: the foundation, siding, walls, roof, basement, etc. to ensure that damage in way of flooding, rotting, molding, etc. doesn’t happen. With that, gutters need the capacity to hold a large amount of water as to not overflow during a heavy rain or snow storm. Shallow gutters are just that, shallow. They do not have the ability to hold much water without allowing runoff over the sides of the troughs.

If the climate you live in brings a lot of rain, shallow gutters will not be ideal and you will end up having a multitude of damage.


A lack of proper rain mitigation can cause pools of water to build up around a home’s foundation and/ or basement. This water can seep into the home in many different ways allowing the home and/or basement to floods.

Damaged Foundation 

Overflowing water will have nowhere to go other than where nature puts it. This could be in pools around your roof or foundation. Water then easily seeps into the foundation causing it to crack and even mold to form.


As mentioned above, water seeping into your home and remaining moist in areas that are supposed to be dry causes mold to flourish. This is especially true in crawl spaces and basements. Mold isn’t good for you or your family to inhale.

Paint and Siding Damage 

Just as with the foundation and basement, if the water isn’t directed away from the home due to a leak or overflowing circumstances, the water will drip down your house’s siding and or paint. The moisture will permeate these areas causing a great deal of damage.

Harm to the Wood

Homes with wood foundations could also have multiple issues if water is not draining appropriately. Water will bleed into and saturate the house. Over time, the wood will rot which could result in foundation and structure damage.

Sidewalk/ Driveway Damage

Just like the cracks in a house’s foundation, water build up can cause sagging and cracked concrete in other areas, such as, your sidewalks and driveways. Not to mention, these can be slippery.

Drowned Landscaping

When water doesn’t flow away from the house properly, it might pool or leak onto the landscape. This can cause plants to drown.


Make sure you are getting the right size gutters for your home! Contact the experts today from Gutter Professionals, Inc. for more information about gutter installation on your home.


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