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What is a Gutter Glove?

What is a Gutter Glove?

The Gutter Glove is the ultra-guard of your rain gutters that provide the ultimate solution to the process of gutter cleaning. They are made of the high quality stainless steel and aluminum materials and usually sold with the warranty of 25 years. In simpler words, you can’t have better protection of your gutter system than by using the gutter gloves.


It is paramount to protect the siding and the structure of your home from any kind of water damage, including foundation erosion and other endless maintenance. The best protection will come from covering your gutters with a type of gutter guard. If the rainwater starts to accumulate in the gutters of your home, there is no better solution to filter it out at the earliest stage than by using the Gutter Gloves. In fact, they can alone protect gutters from the rain water getting stuck. This will help ensure the long term use of your rain gutters without incurring any replacement costs.

The Gutter Glove also helps in preventing the growth of mosquitoes to breed inside the gutters and laying eggs while making their homes in the pools of water.

Major advantages of using a Gutter Glove:

  • It reduces the process of gutter cleaning
  • It can fit any rain gutter
  • It is not visible from the ground
  • It can filter out the debris before it enters the gutter
  • It serves as a gutter guard and can filter 150 inches of the rain water

The installation costs of the Gutter Glove are not much, and it is readily available from your local gutter company. The gutter contractor will determine the dimensions of your rain gutters and the details of the lining. Contact the experts today from Gutter Professionals, Inc. for more information about gutter installation or gutter repair at your home.


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