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When is The Best Time to Replace Your Gutters?

When is The Best Time to Replace Your Gutters?

Have you ever pondered how and when those gutters need to be replaced? Have you ever checked them for leaks? How about getting the regular maintenance done on them so that you don’t get a leak? Well, we are here to teach you how to determine if your gutters are still durable, how often they should be maintained, as well as warning signs that it may be time to replace them.

First, let’s squash the myth that gutters need to be replaced every time shingles are redone. The roofing contractor may have recommended it was a great time to do so “while they were already at it”… Sounds legit right? WRONG! This is just the roofing contractor’s way of not wanting to protect your gutters while throwing around all of those roofing materials… It’s lazy, really. It’s also a great ploy for the roofing contractor to get into your pocket book. Offended? We would be too! But that isn’t all, most of the time, these roofing contractors like to trick homeowners in to thinking they are getting gutters of equal or greater value, when in reality, they get the cheapest material that is just easy to assemble. Feel cheated? Well… after this article, you will never fall for this ploy again. You will even be so knowledgeable that your gutters will be in tip top shape all year round!

So How Long Do Gutters Last?

Well, according to the National Association of Homebuilders, “Gutters have a life expectancy of more than 50 years if made of copper and for 20 years if made of aluminum. Copper downspouts last 100 years or more, while aluminum ones will last 30 years.”

Gutters and Downspouts Life in Years
Copper Gutters 50+
Aluminum Gutters 20
Galvanized Steel Gutters 20
Downspouts (Aluminum) 30
Downspouts (Copper) 100

These time periods do not take natural weather disasters or damage from ladders into account, though. So how can you tell how old your house’s gutters are and how do you know when to replace them? Here are some tips:

Preventative Maintenance

Ensure that you either hire a professional or learn how to clean your gutters out once a year at minimum. If your yard has a lot of trees, you may need to do this several times a year.

Signs You May Need to Repair or Replace Your Gutters

Most of the time, gutters can be repaired instead of completely replaced. Be sure to check with your gutter professional before taking the leap of replacing your gutters.

  1. Visible cracks, holes, and/or rust on the gutters
  2. Paint that is bubbling or pealing on or around the gutters or off the house’s siding
  3. Accumulation of water near the foundation of the house
  4. Gutters are beginning to separate from the house or fasteners are broken
  5. Gutters are separating from each other
  6. Sagging gutters
  7. Standing water in the gutters

If you are experiencing any of the above, call the experts at Gutter Professionals, Inc.!


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