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Do Gutters Help Prevent Foundation Issues?

Do Gutters Help Prevent Foundation Issues?

Foundation issues can be incredibly harmful to a home. Damage that starts underground can affect the above ground structure in many ways, to include, small cracks in drywall, shifted and broken/cracked flooring, stuck windows and doors, cracks in exterior walls, separating chimneys, and many more. Gutters and their counterpart, down spouts, play a critical role in the well-being of your foundation’s structure.

Water is the biggest cause of a foundation’s structural damage. Soil that is soaked with water cause that soil to expand. This swelling in turn creates pressure against a house’s foundation which causes poured concrete walls to crack, bulge, rotate, and/or bulge. When this water dries up and leaves the soil without moisture, it shrinks and causes the foundation to fall.

Although water from weather conditions is unavoidable, it must be managed. This is where gutters come into the picture. The main purpose of a gutter is to capture water from rain or snow melt as it runs off of the roof. keep water from saturating unwanted areas; therefore, homeowners are dependent on the troughs ability to carry water safely away from their foundations. To ensure that water doesn’t escape the gutters, be sure to keep them clean. If the water gets caught up in debris and has nowhere to flow down and out the downspouts, it will drop over the edge in large sheets and soak the soil near the foundation. As the water must exit through the downspouts, make sure that they are faced away from your home. A good rule of thumb is to make sure they are extended at a minimum of 10 feet from the foundation.

Using your gutters to keep your foundation dry is one of the best preventative measures you can take against structural damage. Call us today for expert gutter installation throughout all of South Florida. Gutter Professionals, Inc. takes pride in exceeding your expectations with everything related to your seamless gutters system.


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