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What Are The Best Gutter Accessories

What Are The Best Gutter Accessories

There are a number of gutter accessories that can help your gutter system retain its efficiency. These include splash blocks, downspout extensions, downspout strainers, gutter grills and rain barrels. We at Gutter Professionals, Inc. recommend that you consider adding some of these components to your system.

The simplest is a downspout strainer. This is a shaped filter that fits at the top of a downspout that has mesh or other features that allow the passage of water but which block debris. A heavy flow of rainwater can carry along leaves, twigs and other materials, and carry them into a downspout, creating a blockage. Strainers prevent blockages. It’s an inexpensive and useful precaution.

Two other simple accessories can make a downspout more effective. A splash block is placed at the bottom end of a downspout. It’s usually a heavy material so that the downflow splashes against it. This breaks the power of the flowing water and prevents erosion around the end of the downspout. A downspout extension simply extends the downspout several feet, and helps move waterflow further away from the residence.

There are a number of kinds of gutter protectors that are fitted to the top of the gutters, allowing water flow but keeping debris out of the gutter. When properly installed and maintained, these prevent the buildup of debris that can block the gutter. Blockages can lead to sagging gutter sections, leaks and other problems. These come in a variety of styles and materials. Proper installation is important.

Another accessory that appeals to some homeowners is a rain barrel. These collect water flowing from the gutter system. The water can be used for gardening and watering lawns. These may be regulated. Care should also be used because hundreds of gallons of standing water can result in algae

Gutter Professionals, Inc. encourages homeowners to consider using some of these gutter accessories. Please give us a call if you are interested. We recommend professional installation to get the maximum value from your gutter system.


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