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Springtime and Gutter Check Ins

Springtime and Gutter Check Ins

Spring is quickly approaching – the snow is beginning to melt and before long the flowers will start to bloom. So with springtime approaching, what do you need to know about checking your gutters?

With winter winding down and spring just moments away it’s the perfect time to check in with your gutters and make sure that the common gutter issues that can arise are fixed before they become a big issue. Especially if the winter was harsh and long, maintenance for your gutter system is important and should be prioritized.

Check For Any Damage

Gutters should be first checked for any damage that may begin to affect their ability to protect your home from water damage by diverting water off the roof and away from the house. When gutters are clogged, have structural damage, leaks, or curves they cannot do their job effectively and may lead to other large problems for your home. Begin this process by assessing for damage and clearing any clogs that might be present. Clearing the clogs will also help you to get a better view of your gutters so that you can check for leaks, gaps, or curves.

Remove Debris & Look Out For Cracks or Holes

If the debris in your gutter is still wet you may be able to unclog your gutters by pressure washing or using a hose to clear out the debris, or you can use your hands or other instruments to clear out the gutters of any twigs, leaves, or other natural debris. Once the debris is cleared out begin to inspect all areas of your gutters, looking out for cracks or any holes that might be present. Over time the gutters may start to curve or move away from the house, making them less effective, and this is a repair that should be made as soon as possible. Another thing to check for while inspecting your gutters is if critters have made their home in the gutters. If they have this issue, this will be something you’ll need to take care of as they can create structural damage to the gutters.

Contact a Professional

Checking in and cleaning out your gutters is an important task to take care of before spring truly arrives and you begin to get many rainy days. Make sure they are clear of any debris that may have accumulated throughout winter and that they are structurally sound so that they may be effective in carrying water away from your home, helping protect it from any damage. For any help contact a professional like Gutter Professionals, Inc.


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