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Gutter Accessories You Probably Never Knew Existed

Gutter Accessories and Parts

Gutters are an important, yet unthought-of about part of your home. Many times, they aren’t prevalent in your mind when thinking about curb appeal or maintenance. Because of this, it may come as a shock that there are a multitude of gutter accessories that you probably never knew existed to spice up your gutters. The accessories vary from screws, to hangers, to guards and downspouts. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular items.

  • Gutter coil- coil used to shape, design, and install the gutters you request.
  • Leader- a pipe or apparatus used to direct the flow of water captured by the gutters.
  • Pipe cleat- used to secure your gutter system to your house while remaining inconspicuous.
  • Leader head- a device used to catch excess water before routing it.
  • Funnel- a filter reminiscent device that allows debris to flow through down the pipes.
  • A-elbow- a straight fitting piece that attached to the bottom of your gutter system to direct excess rain water in a specified direction.
  • Zig zag elbow- a malleable fitting pieces that connects to other elbows which creates a solid direction for excess water to flow.
  • B elbow- a curved fitting piece that connects with A-elbow & Zig-Zag elbow fittings to create a solid leak-free bond that mitigates excess rain water.
  • End cap- a fitted cap that attached to the gutter coil to prevent excess rain water leakage.
  • Pop in outlet- round attachment that is used to cover & protect the hole created for the downspout. Also, aids in the mitigation process of excess rain water.
  • K outlet- straight attachment connected to the downspout created for the gutter system. Aids in the process of mitigating the flow of excess rain water.
  • Flat strainer- a flat mesh-like metal attachment connected to the gutter system between your home and the gutter coil. Used as a pre-filter for debris, leaves, & dirt.
  • Louvered gutter guard- metal attachment that covers the top of your gutter system which protects it from damage and large particles.
  • Mesh gutter guard- metal mesh attachment that is connected to top of your gutter system. allows you to filter out large debris & other materials which may impact the quality of your gutter system over time.


Gutter Parts: Miters & Hangers


  • Gutter wedge- a triangular shaped part that attaches at the crevices of your home. Use to level & secure your gutter system.
  • Box miter (inside)- used to fit interior gutter pieces together.
  • Box miter (outside)- used to fit separate gutter pieces into one. Typically corner pieces that connect your gutter system.
  • Strip miter (inside)- small metal apparatus used to tighten the connection between your home & gutter system.
  • Strip miter (outside)- small metal apparatus that is used to fasten your gutter system to your home.
  • Bay miter (inside)- metal apparatus used to fast the connections of your gutter system on the interior corners of your home.
  • Bay miter (outside)- metal apparatus with a similar deign to a strip miter. Used to fast your gutter system to the sides of your homes with 45 degree angles. `
  • Hidden hanger with screw- a device used to connect the points between your gutter system and home. Is attached by way of using a screw.
  • Hidden hanger- a mechanism used to connect your gutter system to the house siding material. Hides the connection which is different from traditional “spiked” gutter systems.
  • FSH bar hanger- a hanging mechanism that fits between the nose of the gutter & the back of the gutter. used to maintain a tight connection for your gutter system.
  • Suspended SST bar hanger- thin metal clip used to fasten the connection between your gutter system & home. Attaches to your gutter system by way of tension instead of physical clip or screw.
  • SST bar hanger- thin metal clip used to fasten the connection between your gutter system & home. Connects to your gutter system inside of the nose & to the back of the gutters.
  • Combination hanger- a metal hanger with multiple pieces. A classic way to connect your gutter system to the fascia board of your home.
  • Canadian hanger- a stationary clip used to connect your gutter system to the boarding material of your home.

More Parts & Tools For A Better Gutter

  • Spike- a large straight nail driven through the front of your gutter system and the fascia board of your home. Provides a solid connection for the gutter system.
  • Ferrule- typically a metal covering used to hide the spike connection of your gutter system.
  • Wrap around hanger- a metal hanger that covers the entire outside of your gutters to provide support when there is no fascia board available.
  • Zip screw- used to fasten various elements of gutter systems including elbows & downspouts.
  • Masonry nail- a nail used to fasten gutter systems to natural concrete.
  • Rivet- fastening mechanism used to connect different aluminum parts of your gutter system together.
  • Pallet nail- flat headed fasteners used to connect gutter systems to homes. also used to connect different parts of your gutter system together.
  • Touch-up paint- paint used to cover up aesthetic indecencies of gutter installation work.
  • Sealers/ Caulking- chemically formulated solution used to close open gaps & sections between various components of your gutter system.
  • Downspout extensions- metal apparatuses used to extend the length of an installed downspout for better draining or water mitigation.
  • Splash blocks- a tool used to direct downspout drainage away from the foundation of your home. helps avoid water build-up & material degradation.
  • Downspout filter- a deviation mechanism that re-directs excess rain water to the water storage tank instead of the downspout.
  • Rain chains- a natural alternative to the traditional machined downspouts. Mainly used for aesthetic & functional purposes, usually shaped like cups or chains.
  • Funnels/ Diverters- plain metal sheet used to divert excess rainwater away from doorways.
  • Gusher guards- a gutter system attachment that allows water flow while filtering out debris.
  • Gutter medallions- small decorative pieces that cover the top or side of your gutter to give it a better appearance.
  • Wire strainers- mesh-like attachment that is connected to the pop-in-outlet. Used to filter & catch large debris which may clog the gutter system.
  • Gutter cleaning supplies- can include brushes, filters, new fittings & more. Used to clean and maintain your gutter system.


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