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How Much Should a Gutter System Cost?

How Much Should a Gutter System Cost?

A big part of home maintenance is the maintenance of your gutters. It is inevitable that they will depreciate, and you will have to replace this home protection feature. The cost of gutter systems can vary depending on your location, the type of material used, the linear footage you are needing to cover, and the gutter enhancements you choose. We have compiled a list of how each of these will affect the cost of your gutter system, and what price you should be paying.

A large portion of price variation exists in the type of material being used for your gutters.

  • Vinyl – these are the least expensive option and typically cost between $4-8. They are the easiest to install but can be easily damaged over time.
  • Aluminum – these are a little more expensive than vinyl gutters with costs between $6-12. They dent easily and will fade faster with the elements, which may lead to more costs in the future.
  • Steel gutters – these are more expensive costing between $11-33 due to their higher quality.
  • Copper – these gutters hold the best quality with great durability and cost between $40-100.

Gutter accessories and extras also carry a great deal of the cost.

  • Hangers – these provide extra strength for the gutter keeping it from falling or drooping. They cost $2+.
  • Flashing – these are necessary as they protect your siding and roof from moisture damage. They cost $10+.
  • Downspout extensions – these ensure that water flows away from your foundation. They cost between $6-90 depending on which material you chose.
  • Gutter guards – these are optional mesh guards that prevent debris from blocking your gutter. They cost about $4-$8 per linear foot.
  • Downspout screens – – these help prevent gutter clogging as well by redirecting the debris away from the opening of the downspout. They cost about $8 each.
Unless you are doing a DIY gutter installation, labor costs can definitely add up! This cost can really help eliminate mistakes and therefore future costs. If the weather is in workable conditions, this should only take 1-3 days to complete. A reputable contractor should charge a little over $5 per linear foot.
As you can see, there are many things that go into determining the cost of a gutter replacement. According to HomeAdvisor, the national average of gutter installation/replacement is just under $1000 with the low end coming in at $200 and the high end being $10,000. For gutter service contact Gutter Professionals.


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